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Title: 2K vs. Bretonnians
Description: Now with an extra helping of diagrams!

Noisy Assassin - November 11, 2011 10:13 PM (GMT)
Woo, so I finally figured out how to use Powerpoint to make passable battle rep diagrams. Pretty finnicky with the little labels on the units, but I got it sorted out eventually. Just took me my whole lunch hour and some spare time. All pictures represent the very end of each turn.

Anywho...the lists:

Lords (480 - 24%)
480 - Keeper of Secrets: Siren Song

Heroes (420 - 21%)
160 - Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery (Beasts), Wings
140 - Herald of Khorne: Armor, BSB
120 - Herald of Slaanesh: Torment Blade, Siren Song

Core (745 - 37%)
258 - 19 Daemonettes: FC
427 - 32 Bloodletters: FC, Icon of Endless War
60 - 5 Furies

Special (105 - 5%)
105 - 3 Nurglings

Rare (250 - 12%)
140 - 4 Flamers
55 - Fiend
55 - Fiend

He had:

Lord with some goodies (2+ re-rollable armor, 4+ ward, Heroic Killing Blow)
BSB with goodies (2+ re-rollable armor)
Lvl 2 Damsel (Life - Earthblood and Regrowth), item that lets him get an extra DD
Lvl 2 Damsel (Beasts - Wildform and something that he never cast)
35-ish Men at Arms, FC (one of the characters had an item that gave them the Blessing), deployed in Horde
11 Knights of the Realm, FC (BSB went here)
11 Knights Errant (Beasts Damsel here)
7 Grail Knights, FC (General and Life Damsel went here)
A Grail Relic with a bunch of pilgrim dudes (forget what they're called). I think the total unit size here was 20?

While I made my list he rolled up terrain, set it up, and rolled the standard battle line scenario. Terrain looked good to me, so we rolled off for sides. He won and picked the side his models were already on. Off to a super competitive start! :P I got to pick my match-ups pretty well thanks to my multitude of chaff units. Terrain consisted of a pair of mysterious forests, amysterious river, a dawrven brewhouse (lower left) a building (lower right), some obstacles, an Idol of Gork (upper right), and a pair of hills. Final deployment looked like this:
user posted image

Daemons Turn 1
He prayed, so I got first turn. The Keeper discovered a normal wood waiting for him, and everyone else moved up a bit. The Tzerald casts Savage Beast on the Kipper, and after some thought my opponent lets it through. I then messed up and forgot about the Beasts lore attribute, failing to cast Impenetrable Pelt on the Keeper by 1 because of it. This led me to whiff Phantasmagoria instead of being able to cast (would have been a success with what I rolled) Curse of Anreheir with the Tzerald. Oh well, live and learn. Flamers killed a pair of grail pilgrims.
user posted image

Bretonnian Turn 1
I Siren Songed his Knights of the Realm with the Kipper, so he charged withthem, and tried to get in a long charge with the Grail Knights as well. GN failed by one and the KotR discovered a poisonous river. They lost one model to the treacherous water and another to the trees the Kipper was lurking in. In his magic phase he got Wildform off on the KotR and Regrowthed 1. In combat I challenged. He accepted with the champion (after almost refusing and losing the close!). I did 4 unsaved wounds and won the combat by 1 (after we thought I had lost by one until we remembered that rivers negate rank bonuses). He held.
user posted image

Daemons Turn 2
The Bloodletters (which were deployed 7-wide, btw) charged the KotR in the flank, losing 3 models to the river and gaining Poisoned Attacks in the process. The Fiend charged the Men at Arms in the flank, but the Nurglings failed to get the rear charge by 1. The Flamers backed away from the pilgrims to keep shooting them(one of my new fav tricks. Let's play chase the Flamers and burn to death!), killing 4. I got snake eyes for my winds of magic, and he channeled and had his item, so it was his 3 dice vs my 2. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened. In combat the Keeper challeneged again and ate his BSB. The Bletters do what they do and killed 4. Knights ran and were pursued by Bletters, who failed to reach the flank of the pilgrims by 1 (it was a trend this game). They lost 2 models to the venomous river though. The Fiend lost his combat due to a lucky Blessing ward save and the M@A having a musician. Cursed music! He did take down a few though, and he easily passed his instability.
user posted image

Bretonnian Turn 2
The KotR rallied, and the Grail Knights charged the Keeper. They lost a knight to the river, and the damsel and General each took a wound as well. The Knights Errant got waylayed by a Siren Song from the 'Nettes. Their charge took them through the forest which was revealed to be a Wildwood, but they passed all their Dangerous Terrain tests and their armor saves from the hits. Magic phase: he got off Wildform on the Knights Errant and Regrowth on the pilgrims (which also healed both his characters). In combat his General challeneged my Keeper. I only put a single wound on him, and in return he got off a Heroic Killing Blow! :blink: That was an unpleasant surprise. Bye-bye Kipper :( I also forgot about the test from the Torment Blade, although chances are with Ld 9 it probably wouldn't have mattered. The Fiend killed a few M@A again, lost by 1, and passed it's test. The KE killed 2 Daemonettes and lost one Knight in return for a draw.
user posted image

Daemons Turn 3
The Nurglings and Furies charged into the M@A, the Bloodletters and other Fiend into the pilgrims. The Tzerald moved to support the 'Nettes with magic, and the Flamers chilled. Winds of Magic were snake eyes again, but I managed to pull off a Wildform on the 'Nettes with a 6 and a 5! Now both units in that combat had the same buff. The Flamers killed a KotR with their shooting, putting the unit down to just 3. In combat the pilgrims lost quite a few, but his Blessing saves had a going rate of about 60%, so they didn't lose too badly after taking down some Bletters. The M@A suffered a bunch of casualties from all my chaff, but put 2 wounds on the Fiend and killed a Fury in return. They lost by 1 and exactly passed their Ld test thanks to the knights standing nearby. Speaking of which...the KE were sumarily slaughtered by the 'Nettes. They lost 5, broke, and were run down (also costing him his Beasts Damsel.
user posted image

Bretonnian Turn 3
The KotR joined the fray, attempting to restore their honor by charging the Fiend in the side. The Grail Knights charged the Bletters in the back. In the Magic phase he tried to Regrowth the pilgrims, but I despelled it, and he got off Earthblood on the KotR, healing his General in the process. In combat the M@A finally killed the Fiend, but took enough casualties to break and were run down by the Nurglings (Furies felt lazy and only rolled a 5 on Swiftstride dice). In the big scrum his General challenged, and I accepted with my BSB. Risky, but it paid off. At the same I and each with Killing Blow...we each did a normal wound to the other. The Grail Knights killed a handful of Bletters and the pilgrims killed a few more. The KotR put a wound on the Fiend. In return I killed a Grail Knight a few pilgrims. I lost by 6. The Fiend poofed, as did another 5 Bletters. The KotR moved up to the Bletters front and things were looking interesting.
user posted image

Daemons Turn 4
The Daemonettes and Flamers moved to positions were they could join the main combat next turn, and the Herald flew in to support the Bletters with magic. Savage Beast on the HoK was dispelled with all his dice, and I got off a Curse of Anreheir on the GK (for -1 to hit, but mostly in case they wiped the Bletters, reformed, and wanted to charge the 'Nettes or my Tzerald). The challenge stayed interesting as I put a second wound on his Lord, taking nothing in return. Each down to 1 wound. Who will prevail? More Bloodletters and pilgrims die, and maybe another GK? I lost the combat and lost another 2 Bletters to Instability. We're now sitting at his 3 KotR, Grail Relic with 3 wounds left, 3-4 GK, the damsel, and his General vs. about 8 Bletters and my BSB.
user posted image

Bretonnian Turn 4
I shut down his magic phase, so straight to combat! The challenge culminated in a frenzy of blood and death as we each manage to inflict an unsaved normal wound AND an unsaved Killing Blow wound on the other. If these were Khornate Bloodletteres the Blood God would be pleased indeed! The Grail Knights killed a Bletter, but the remainder of the unit decided to get their Tzeentchian butts in gear and killed all three KoTR and another 1-2 GK, bringing his forces down to the wounded Grail Relic, a Damsel, and 2 Grail Knights. I win the combat, he rolls and holds, but concedes the game. All Glory to the Changer of Ways!
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DaemonReign - November 11, 2011 11:38 PM (GMT)
Congrats to the win. Good read!

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