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Title: War Makers Weekly 5

daemonic badger - March 27, 2005 08:42 PM (GMT)
The week
As I said this will be a bit short, unfortunetly I have not had much time to keep track of everything that has happened. If you think something has been left out of this, just speak up. First of, progress made on the Dark Lands idea and its really starting to take shape now, now its starting to get into such a state that we can make a summary for it. In the systems section, a preliminary map for play testing one of the systems has been drawn and Rooies tests goes on (with a second test run planned I think). Several Chaos Dwarf players have arrived now, and their help has been much appreciated, and the feedback from the CD forums shows how important it is to get people involved in this project. For those who have not seen it, the CD players do not want to become allies to chaos in this campaign, and had we not had contact with them during this process, we might have done just this and lost many players. Some more general progress has been made, but I will leave this for now.

Plans for the future
More moderators/people in charge of keeping things updated
As you might have noticed, the Ambassadors list and the participant forum lists have been updated rather slowly this week (there is still a forum or two that needs to be added to the list I thing). This is because I have been visiting my parents and have had limited access to the Internet. To make sure something like this does not happen in the future, especially not in a stage where we really must keep things active, I will during this week appoint several new moderators, and perhaps change the layout of things a bit. I will try to make sure there are always two people on each task, so that things can be updated even if one person is gone. Itís never good when things require one special person to be active and wonít work if he or she is not.

Helping new members
Also, there have been some posts by new members taking up ideas we have long since abandoned. This is not so strange, the weeklies might give some insight on what we have done but gives little detail on why we abandoned certain ideas, and we cannot realistically require people to read through all the posts on the forum since there are over 3000 of them! So I will be looking into how to create some documents of sort that details the work a bit more and takes up why certain ideas have been left out and why we have made the decisions we have. I donít know what we should do with such a document though. A web-page? A pinned thread? If you have any ideas on it, let me know.

Web page
While almost on the subject. We need to decided when we will create a web site for the project, since sooner or later we will have to have a place to put information and such, since many people donít want to sort through thousands of posts on the forum to find the information they want. Since we are trying to get as many people involved in this as possible, the project needs to be open and easy to get a grip on, otherwise people will never get interested.

The setting
The work on the settings is as you all know still going on, and its been dragging out a bit since things needed to be clarified and discussed more. But now the ideas for the Dark Lands, which where problematic before, are starting to take shape, so now there are no real reasons why we should not try and set a deadline for the work. I will discuss this with the council and hopefully we shall be able to get the summaries out soon so that the decision for where to place all this can finally be made.

New forums
Some new forums might be on the way. Currently there is no real place to put fluff and such things, since the story forum has become the place to discuss the ideas themselves, not the actual fluff. So once people have had a chance to say what they think about this, a fluff forum, and perhaps one or two other ones if people think it necessary, will be appearing.

Reaching out even more
We will try to reach out to the larger forums that we have not heard from yet; in fact I hope this has already started with Once the summaries for the setting is up we will also ask at the participant forums for their ideas and thoughts on these, to help us decide which one would be best.


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