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Title: Rj Ahmed Bilal (fm 101)

Eye_of_truth - December 1, 2006 08:40 PM (GMT)
He rules!!!!

“Mujhe ahmed bilal kehte hain”,the voice leading the fm tunes of 101 fm with his super hit midnight chit chat shows & fm 101 international bonanza.He is a dj of substance,a true hard worker in a real sense.With his blend of humor,simplicity & intelligence he lead his way into the hearts of millions of listeners around the world.He speaks truth,reality & leads a common man approach on mic powers.Popularly known as AB among his fans & listeners,ahmed is a dj & teacher at the same time,equally popular among his students.

He started radio on 27th JUly 1998,with fm 101 radio.His midnight chit chat shows made him rise the popularity charts all over.In mid he switched to fm 100,but after a short span came back and rejoined 101.His real popularity arose when he started it at 12 am on fm 101 international,after which he was not coming back.

Showbizhungama this week brings you an exclusive interview of RJ AHMED BILAL for his listeners and fans!

Early Education from RawalPindi
MBA from Bahria University
Professionally an Instructor

Question : How do u manage working at three places at a time?

Answer: Im having a very good job but radio is my passion that is why i am still related to it and passion is something you are never tired of. A part from this i get 2 days off in a week.

Question: Your family and educational back ground?

Answer: my date of birth is 6 july and place of birth is Lahore. my late father was a business man,we are three siblings,2 brothers and a sister. i did my fsc from model school and MBA from Bahria University. Cricket has been my passion since my chidhood. my nick name is BITTU. i have been a position holder through out my educational career and was considered a quite intelligent student,i am strict towards my work and duty kind hearted other very social and my circle of friends is extremely diverse.

Question: Who introduced you to the radio world?

Answer: I was very fond of listening Fm and was a regular caller too. some where at the back of my mind i always wanted to be a radio jockey but had no experience. on 30th june 1995 i got a chance to give an audition when i had just taken my intermediate exams. i was quite immature at that time so couldnt make it then. later i gave an audition at radio pakistan but was remarked unfit for the job,instead of getting dis heartened i improved my speaking style. i was determined to make it and did succeed. producer abid hussain found the talent in me and gave me the chance to perform on radio,that bacame my first break through and on 27 july 1998 my first program went on air.

Question: What were your feelings at that time?

Answer: Obviously i was happy,it was just like a dream come true. In the beginning i had done programes with cold sweaty hands but gained confidence gradually.

Question: Do u write a script before doing program?

Answer: In the beginning when i started with the midnight chit chat along with producer waheed sheikh,i used to keep a script with me but now i do it on my own wihout any script. i just make a format i my mind and than discuss it.

Question : How's ur experience of teaching at the institute you had stayed a part of as a student?

Answer: im having a wonderful experience teaching their as visiting faculty. i take classes of marketing and advertising etc. the young students are sharp and i feel extremely enthusiasic while taeching them.

Question: Do u work anywhere else aswell?

Answer: Yes im working as brand manager at a telecomunication organization RED TONE.

Question: How do u manage to spend time with your family despite all this work load?

Answer: well i try my level best to spend maximum time with my family when ever im not at work. i like visiting my relatives and act participative in family affairs.

Question: Out of all professions yor are working in,which one do you enjoy the most?

Answer: well, i like all three fields. being an instructor i like teching young students because they are energetic and full of new ideas,i feel very happy when my students get good jobs and keep intact with me. when i'd stop enjoying working as a dj and teacher i'll quit it immidiately because earning money is not a problem.

Question: Are you married?

Answer: Not yet,but soon inshAllah,probably next year.

Question: What do u look in your life partner?

Answer: well ive already considered her,im engaged and its going to be a love plus arranged marriage.

Question: How do people react when they recognize u?

Answer: No one recognizes me, it my voice which is famous not me.

Question: What do u think is your different aspect as a DJ?

Answer: well i think im a natural player,i dont believe in artificiality,i speak what i feel.

Question: Who has inspired you the most in ur life?

answer: ive been very inspired by my father,he was my ideal and has played a key role in my personality and brought up.

Question: Whose speaking style do you appreciate the most?

Answer: i like Naeem Bukhari alot.

Question: Have you not tried compering on television?

Answer: Well i dont like being recognized by my face but voice only. i would not feel better if some one identifies me as a tv personality.i have no hunger for fame,im well contended with what i am.but still i did some shows on tv on stn network.

Question: Why are you not seeking for more fame?

Answer: To me fame is an addiction which never suits you as u start getting used to it,therefore i dont want to get used to more fame than i have currently.

Question: What makes you feel bad about a caller?

Answer: I dont like irrelevant criticism. for example if some one calls and says u r playing bore songs than i guess its better they understand that we dont present shows for a particular group of people therefore i discourage such kind of criticism by callers.

Question: How has Ahmed Bilal today changed as a person as compared to his past?

Answer: Well ive gained confidence and people in my circle have grown more diverse. Although ive not compromised on my DESI style.

Question: Can our DJ's compete internationally?

Answer: Definitely, people working at Pakistan radio are very talented and educated and can definitely compete at all platforms.

Question: What do u recommend are the qualities required for being a dj?

Answer: You need to have critical thinking, diverse knowledge and above all, u should be a good listener.

wish master - December 3, 2006 09:24 PM (GMT)
hmmmm nice

pardha nai hai :P

an honest - December 4, 2006 09:14 AM (GMT)
i am also one of big fan of ahmed bilal.likin abh nahi sun pati iss ka show kun k fm101 k signals hi nahi aatey sahi terhan merey radio mein

Eye_of_truth - December 4, 2006 09:38 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (an honest @ Dec 4 2006, 02:14 PM)
i am also one of big fan of ahmed bilal.likin abh nahi sun pati iss ka show kun k fm101 k signals hi nahi aatey sahi terhan merey radio mein

Same problem mere saath bhi hai , pore karachi fm101 clear nahi ataaa , mi ni 6 months si A.Bilal ka prog ni suna

I like A.BIlal bcoz 9 saal tukh prog kurna ,aur hur prog dosrii si different kurna badi baat hai , Jub ki Mani aur azfur 6 month ki liye prog kurti hai , phir chur dietii hai

A. bilal ki prog mi tafreeh bhi hoti hai aur muksuttthh bhi yeh baat thinker hi sumjh sukthii woh nahi jo hur prog suntii hai jiss mi bekaar indian songs chul rahi hoti hai

looserfairy - December 4, 2006 07:15 PM (GMT)
haan ahmed bilal acha hai
but kaafi arsay se nahi suna

Eye_of_truth - December 5, 2006 01:27 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (looserfairy @ Dec 5 2006, 12:15 AM)
haan ahmed bilal acha hai
but kaafi arsay se nahi suna

Acha tu hai pur kafi ursey si mi ni bhi ni suna bcoz 101 ataa hi ni, na cell pur na tape pur tumharii pass sahi ataa hai 101

nimo - December 6, 2006 10:12 AM (GMT)
oye hoye good hogaya hai ji

Eye_of_truth - December 7, 2006 12:10 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (nimo @ Dec 6 2006, 03:12 PM)
oye hoye good hogaya hai ji

Nimo interestiing Nick ,This is Lemo Ya nimo , kia mutlub hai iss ka

dear Bad ho gaya 101 nahi ataa clear , gud kaha si ho gaya ji

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