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Title: Lancelot Light Pulsar Frigate

Kenahk - May 13, 2004 07:54 PM (GMT)
Concept art by Ignus Dei

user posted image

The Lancelot Pulsar Light Frigate was developed during the Vaaygr Incursion on Hiigara, designed to be cheap yet efficient. Using a civilian space ship chassis outfitted with armour and two pulsar beam turrets, the Lancelot was meant as a hit and run frigate. Because of the use of a civilian chassis and readily avaliable parts, the Lancelot is the cheapest frigate in the fleet but also the lightest armoured

Note: the gun turrets shown in the picture will be used as Pulsar turrets in the mod, also more detail will be added to the ship!

Enterprise-E - May 13, 2004 09:32 PM (GMT)
kenahk, plz
Designed by XY: in first line
Modeled by XY in second line (above all pics)

oh, and i dont particularly like this ship

Kenahk - May 13, 2004 09:42 PM (GMT)
Yes, I agree it could use some more bulk, some more details and a slightly changed outline.

Random Person/13th - May 14, 2004 01:00 AM (GMT)

yasotay - May 14, 2004 12:52 PM (GMT)
Will have a model soon (I hope).

It will be a Hiigarian Light Cruiser in the PDS mod.

EE, if you don't like it then you will have a great time swatting them with the "Gods", which by the way, don't particularly do anything for me, but I will enjoy blowing things up with them anyway.

Oh and if a Progenator "Beam of Death" from the lowely Hiigarian cheap frigate happens to toast a Q-J 2 in the beta test, its not my fault. You can rest, assured that I will have had to change my pants from peeing myself giggling to much thinking about the expression on your face.

Just kidding. Seriously guys we don't have to use it, but it will be there if you want to.

Random Person/13th - May 14, 2004 05:39 PM (GMT)

Kenahk - May 18, 2004 06:57 PM (GMT)
Yasotay, I think it fits the bill for light pulsar frigate, it shows a lightly armored streamlined hull, armed with efficient weaponry and beautiful engines and as stated in the fluff, it is just a retrofitted civilian space craft, used by the Hiigaran space navy!

If we could get it to behave just as the Hiigaran gunship corvette, making flanking maneuvers, paired with the pulsar corvette weapons efficiency, it would ad a unique unit, used as distraction and annoyance. I don't need to picture the faces of Imperial commanders when their heavy beams try to strike this beauty, yet fail to acquire a steady lock :P !

yasotay - May 20, 2004 12:52 PM (GMT)

When I get it I will pass it on to you for the Mod. Appropriate honors should go to the IgnusDei/Omi-Kun design team (concept/3d model) and to the StarFleet Shipyard (HOD model) for its development.

I am now working on the "DinglyDoDa" (Hiigarian for "Athiest Band Aid") mega-battleship that is designed to surround "Gods o' something" class Taiidan ships and crushes them to beer can sized RU pellets. :P

Sorry just got it in me the last couple days to harrass EE, cause I'm envious of his talents for building great ships, and lots of them too.


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