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Description: For your cosplay needs^_^

polence - August 30, 2005 05:35 PM (GMT)
for the nth time, I am a bit annoyed already that some people don't read the previous posts, I guess this directory will provide most of the locations that is mostly patronized by cosplayers for all their costume needs

NO COMMENT posting please.... just addresses, numbers, locations and directions of the shops frequently asked by cosplayers.... just post your comments and questions in the appropriate forum topics in the Cosplay SOS Section.^_^ The moderator of this section, reserves the right to delete any unecessary posts on this topic.

Cargins - a costume and props shop (they usually accept most jobs) Just bring the largest clear pictures you have and if possible a close up of intricate details, back,
side and front view of the costume

Cargins Dance Wear
Marconi St. Palanan, Makati City
Tel. 551-10-59
Directions: Go down in Buendia/Gil Puyat Station LRT... walk along the side of the road with Chowking, until you reach Marconi St.^_^

They are mostly recommended for REALLY obscure costumes. Price wise will be a bit expensive, but reasonable... compared to most of the professional makers.
Ask nicely first, if they have alot of orders, and if they can make your costume, and how soon you can get it if ever (get an exact date). If you decided that you will comission them to make your costume, just be sure that you will call them (or visit them the better), to check the progress on your costume, until they have finally made your order. Inform them, that you will be calling from time to time, to check on the progress of your costume.

Neeko Wig and Hair Accessory Shop
2nd Floor Tutuban Prime Block

Sword's Shop
Tabora Side, Divisoria Mall (just right beside the Tabora escalator)

Ohio Shoe Emporium (costomized boots shop)
Quipo, Manila (right beside ChowKing) It's between that side of the road from Quipo Church going to Sta. Cruz

676 Carriedo St. Quiapo Manila

for those who can read this, please post the necessesary more info about the locations and directions. And if you can add more... like the Feather shop and that customized boots' shop in Baclaran, Estanislao, etc... please do so.^_^

Thank you!^_^

sephiroth - August 31, 2005 01:56 AM (GMT)
Estanislao Merchandise (courtesy of eva_guy01)
Tel#: 645-3017

What can you buy here?
  • Foam assisted rubber sheets (Php 30 per yard)
  • 6mm, 8mm, 1 inch to 3 inch thick rubber sheets (Php60, 120, 280, 460 respectively)
  • GRECO 88 turboglue (sml Php 65/lrg Php 90)
  • various assorted leatherettes ranging from Php 60 to Php 250 per yard)
  • buckles, loopholes (Php 2 to 8), velcro strips of various colors (Php 10 per yard), polyester straps of various colors (Php 1.80 to 2.00 per yard depending of width), pre-fabricated rubber soles (Php 10 to 25), jelly straps (Php 12.00), various types of adhesives, good material advice (free).
NOTE: Prices are subject to change w/o any prior notice

How to get there:

Jeep: From Aurora Blvd take any jeep that has the sign "Marikina Bayan" and it will take you all the way to Estanislao Merchandise. To get back, go to the corner of JP Rizal & E.Dela Paz and take any jeep that says "Cubao Farmers".

Taxi or Private vehicles: ummm.. just follow the map?

Marikina Map

hope this helps ^_^

for other material sources...pls. kindly proceed to the Material Sources Forum located here at Cosplay SOS ^^

Moderator Note: edited map link, original link was down. thanks! - eva_guy01

acewildgal - August 31, 2005 02:45 AM (GMT)
Important Note Regarding Cargin's Dance Wear

Mr. Carding's store specializes in dancing attires such as ballet and show girl/entertainer headdresses and props.

Although they can accomodate intricate costumes found in Anime, Game, JRock, etc. that is not their forte.

Here are other tips if you want to have your costume done in Cargin's.

1. It would help to leave instructions on how you want your costume to be done. Leaving a picture alone will not suffice.

2. Although you may leave the selection of materials/cloth to them, if you are a stickler for costume material accuracy, it might be best if you buy the cloth/material they youd want them to use yourself. This also saves Cargins time in creating your costume instead of him running around Divi to get the perfect material for you.

3. GIVE ENOUGH LEAD TIME.Safest is one or two months from date of event. They will be hard pressed to make your costume from scratch one or two weeks from date of event (unless you have done #2, and #1). Keep in mind also that they are used to bulk orders from other clients (20 to 100pcs up) so they treat your costume as a special case.

4. How to check on your costume: ask when is the most ideal time for you to drop by to check on the status of your costume. Expect that there will be times that Cargins will be extremely busy and might not be able to accomodate you. Set an appointment with your contact person at Cargins (if not mang carding or ate gina herself) and confirm your appointment (for fitting or pickup) at least one day before the actual appointment date. Also make sure that you visit them prior to costume pickup so you can see the costume-in-progress. that way, while the costume is not yet complete you can have some alterations done if needed.

5. Lastly, thank them for a job well done. Appreciation goes a long long way.

This is coming from a long standing friend and client of 4 years. thanks much.

eva_guy01 - November 30, 2005 03:48 AM (GMT)

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts

241-8284, 243-1740

Yangco Market Pas-S
Stall 9, 14 & 16 Divisoria

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts

812-3414, 812-3427

Glorietta, 1st Level, Glorietta 1
Ayala Center
Makati City, MM

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts

831-0449, 832-3530, 833-2887

4648 Arellano Ave. cor. Dian St.

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts
Market! Market!, 1st Level
26th St. cor. C5
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, MM

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts

831-4208, 833-0908

321 Libertad St.

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts

245-2446, 245-5191

595 C.M. Recto

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts


SM City North EDSA, Car Park Plaza
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Quezon City, MM

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts


SM MegaMall, 2nd Level, Bldg. B
Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong City, MM

Carolina's Lace Shoppe
Business / Professional, Clothing and Fashion, Parties and Gifts


Tutuban Center, NS 45 A Podium Level
C.M. Recto
Manila, MM

rien - December 12, 2005 12:31 PM (GMT)
Mannequin Incorporated
- They sell mannequins and wigs in very affordable prices.

LS02 Tutuban Primeblock Center

Tel Number: 252-2122 / 2555679 -- Look for Ana Tan
  • The wigs that they sell have different length and colors and styles. The longest wigs that they have (and which I have seen) is waist-length, and wavy.
  • The wigs that they sell vary from the stock they have. Most of the time they have to look in the stock room and let you choose the specific wig you want.
  • The cheapest wig they have costs about 1.2 k, which is almost shoulder length.
  • They also sell mannequins, in different poses, gender and body.

roberto_manero - January 17, 2006 04:39 AM (GMT)
cargins map please refer to the first post for other details thankshh...


eva_guy01 - February 8, 2006 02:18 PM (GMT)
The Feather Shop
Along Ylaya Street located in Pasilio-W

Does Custom Costumes. Also has ready made costumes for sale, mostly stuffed toy snakes, feather wings, dozens of assorted headgears ranging from Eqyptian Pharoes to Cocacobana Stage Dancers. Last checked they were selling almost complete (although inaccurate) Encantadia and Mulawin costumes.

You can check the map here.

Contact Numbers: 241-8665 and 255-1696

Ashe Dalmasca - February 15, 2006 09:10 AM (GMT)
Sculpey Polymer Clay
#64 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Clay that requires baking for making components for jewelry, accessories, weapons, armor and headgear. Prices for Sculpey are as follows:

S1 Original Sculpey-white 1.75lbs Php800

SS1 Super Sculpey-beige 1lb Php700

GSCF Super Sculpey-Gray Sculpting Compound Php800

SD1 Sculpey Clay Softener 1oz Php290

NEW! PREMO Sculpey 2oz Php130

Available in Black5042, Blue5562, Green5323, Yellow5572,Orange5033, Red5259

For more info on the product, email them at or SMS at 09176269790

eva_guy01 - February 23, 2006 01:46 AM (GMT)
The Bead Shop
Where you can customize your own cosplay jewelry at affordable prices.


The Bead Shop

SM SouthMall, Upper Ground Level
Alabang-Zapote National Rd.
Las Piñas City, MM

The Bead Shop

Power Plant Mall, 2nd Level
Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St.
Makati City, MM

The Bead Shop

SM MegaMall, 3rd Level, Bldg. A
Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong City, MM

The Bead Shop


Robinsons Place - Manila, 1st Level
M. Adriatico St.
Manila, MM

The Bead Shop


SM City Manila, 3rd Level
Concepcion cor. Arroceros & San Marcelino Sts.
Manila, MM

The Bead Shop

SM City North EDSA, Lower Ground Main Bldg.
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Quezon City, MM

The Bead Shop

SM Centerpoint, 2nd Level
Ramon Magsaysay St. cor. Araneta Ave.
Sta. Mesa
Quezon City, MM

Source: Click The City [dot] com

takumi - February 28, 2006 02:14 PM (GMT)
Umm sana makatulong...
sa makati area naman kung tamad na lumayo

Home Depot - The Fort Global City

Wood planks - new and 2nd hand = for weapons etc...
Thick Fabrics = for capes and special clothes.
PVCs = mecha frame, pistons sword support
Plasters = armour finishing.. mold
Paint - P50.00 per 1/4 L
PLastic sheet = finishing, etc

Edsa station LRT.. sa may SOGO

MAde to order BOOTS, Leather materials
Masilya P200.00 - P250.00
rubber foam
foam.. (shell canvas edsa-taft intersection)
PAints etc...
wood and lumber

Power plant mall - guadalupe/ makati

Hip (2nd floor) - hair extensions P250 - 500 , gems

True value - hardware stuff.. polituff P250.00
rubber checkered matting - for chain mails etc..
brass polish - weathering armour..

rien - March 20, 2006 03:05 AM (GMT)
As what Hecate posted before, I'm just going to post it here for reference...

Le Cerna Salon is offering a color hair spray service..If you wish to have a color temporary/washable, please indicate the color you want for your hair

for Short Hair -200 (other colors)
-400 (silver - almost white)

for medium to Long hair - it depends on the length/thickness of your hair

how to get here:

from LRT2 and MRT -Cubao Station

Take Tricycle then ask him to drop you off at N.Domingo St corner Boston St.
and you'll see a signage that is Le Cerna Salon

Note: Landmark (near Megamelt)

From Betty Go Station LRT2

Take Tricycle near downstairs of the station ( Rosario Drive) and ask him to drop you off at the address mentioned

for more info
Hecate at
09164668871 (please indicate your name and the color you want)
or just simply pm me here..^^

Also, Usagi Tsukino pointed me to a Wig Shop in Divisoria Mall:

Modern Touch
2F LS 26-LS 32, Divisoria Mall
Telephone Numbers: 244-4640

They ranges of wigs from short one (neck length and shoulder length) which costs Php 250 and the longest is reaches 6 inches below the butt (in my height which is 5'7")

polence - March 21, 2006 09:06 AM (GMT)
Just added information to rien's,

Modern Touch
Located Near Tabora Side Escalator, Divisoria Mall
Hair Accessories and Limitted selection of wigs and hair extensions.
Colors are black, reddish and shades of brown.

As a summary, as I have mentioned before there are 4 wig shops in Tutuban/Divisoria, who has the most extensive wig selection available in the area.

One is Modern Touch in Divisoria Mall, Neeko & Mannequin Inc. in Tutuban Prime Block and this is the last, last mentioned by member mhakkie in this topic.

Chi Tsun Fashion Commercial
Tel. 244-5455
804 Tabora St., San Nicholas, Manila
Location is near Divisoria Mall, in front of Metro Bank and Sale Shop (signage is big and pink)
Accessories, hair accessories, wigs and hair extensions
Short and shoulder leght wigs in various styles, and longest is 4 feet reddish in color for 800 (5 stocks available)
Wig colors are black, reddish and shades of brown.

polidread - May 8, 2006 04:38 PM (GMT)
#450 E. dela Paz street, Sta Elena, Marikina City
tel. 6461881

it is a short walk from the Marikina City Hall and very close to the City Public Market.

sephiroth - May 9, 2006 01:27 AM (GMT)
Kitch & Marj's Footwear
Baclaran Super Mall (BSM)
Taft Ave. Cor. F.B. Harrison St.
Baclaran, Parañaque City

*From the Baclaran Church, diretsuhin nyo hanggang makaabot kayo sa dulo (you'll see Tropical Hut and McDo on the other side of the road). Turn left and you'll see lots of boot shops. Just ask around for this particular one!

Esper Marcelo (Shop keeper)

Courtesy of Klaha Niikura

Sefie - August 2, 2006 02:47 AM (GMT)
There are wigs sold in Harisson Plaza (SM Department Store, 1st floor).

Wigs cost about 700 - 1000+ depending on the length. Aside from the natural colors, they also sell blue, yellow, orange and other colored wigs. (I have to check on this one again but those were the colors displayed).

jactinglim - September 30, 2006 05:21 AM (GMT)
additional info lang po sa Estanislao Merchandise:

Anyway, here's how I (should have) found the place:

1) go to Aurora Boulevard
2) ride a "Marikina Bayan" jeep= P10
3) get off at bridge (Sumulong Highway cor JP Rizal)
4) ride a "Calumpang" jeep= P7.50
5) watch out for "Chinatrust Bank"
6) soon enough you'll see "E. Estanislao" on the right side!

I bought 4mm rubber sheets at P76 each and a big Greco888 because the only small bottle they have left is a gummy old stock. In short, it looks more like Mighty Bond GEL.

You can read the entire post here(with pictures!)

Thanks to eva_guy01 and Sephiroth and to all the cool cosplayers of Filcosplay and CosplayPH for all the helpful info ;)

energeist - March 19, 2007 10:05 AM (GMT)
Xray foil and other medical needs...
NOTE: some cospaly materials can really be found under the medical supplies shop.

if your looking for a place that has tons of medical related items
such as Xray Foils/Film for a helmet visor you can go
to Bambang and purchase though there selling the stuff at bulk.

How to get there?
simply just ride an LRT 1 and purchase a ticket for BAMBANG STATION.
get off at BAMBANG and just below the LRT station are the
stores that sells medical/hospital stuff.

demfae - May 7, 2007 01:51 PM (GMT)
Update about Cargins Dancewear: they're now located across the street from where they used to be (still Marconi St.). Just look for the COSPLAY.PH logo and you're there. ^_^

blake_karas - June 14, 2007 11:14 AM (GMT)
here is a place to make weapons, like buster swords, zangetsus taht looks real

AIRAM SASH (wood fabricators, makers of all kinds of wood works)
loc: Pedro Gil St. Cor. Pres Quirino AVe Paco Manila

(how to get there). . Take a LRT 1 and get off at P.Gil station, then take a jeep that goes to either sta.ana or Guadalupe via p.gil,
get off at the corner before you cross P.quirino AVe and ur there. CAnt Miss it.

(What Do they do there) they make all kinds of wood crafts. . you can either provide them wood but it is better to let theme provide it for you bcoz it's hard to find really big pieces woods. .

(what will you need). . pictures of the weapon, MEASUREMENTS, and downpayment. .

PS. THEY CAN ONLY PROVIDE THE RAW IMAGE OF THE PRODUCT. YOU HAVE TO DO THE DETAILS YOUR SELF. . try if the can do as much of the details as possible

and while your in paco area there are lots of hardwares all over the pace so if your going to a hardware afterwards, be it there to maximixe ur time.

xixi-kun - August 2, 2007 02:41 PM (GMT)
Just adding to directory;

Wigs Wigs and Wigs.


ok i think this will solve most of the wig source problem.

i found his store in tutuban prime block. (08/02/07)

store name: Maniquine Incorporated
Location: Tutuban Prime Block (go outside the tutuban prime block, the entrance of the store is located outside the building), ask the Security Guard

when you got there. ask permission to go on the second floor. but surely when you ask for a wig they will tell you to go to 2nd floor.

whats in there?: Most kind of wigs with different color variation.

1.08k = short hair. (90% itachi-like hair, chestnut brown)
1.2k = short hair. (95% gaara-like hair, reddish-brown)
1.3k = shoulder length, straight, color white.
1.5k = middle-long hair, Straight, color White
1.8k = Long Hair (sakura hair lenght), ( ive seen blue and red one)

they also sell curly hairs, Apro, wavy, semi-wavy, spiky, and many more.

Note: dont be shy to ask for a discount., they will give you like 10% discount.
better than nothing eh?.

and uhh. tell to the seller that your from Filcosplay. coz i said ill invite people from Filcosplay there. hehe. xD.

Hope this helps.


Comic Alley (robinsons metro east)

- Seigaku Uniform (set) = 2,400
- Seigaku Finals Uniform, red
- Itachi costume (set) = 1,800
- Sasuke Costume, black (set)
- Naruto Boots = 600 (kidda high proce >_<)
- Anbu Mask = 299

Cloud Strife Costume (Advent Children Version)
*the store that sells mini figures.

- Divisoria, 168 mall, Pasilio 1A
- 1,500 (set) without boots and sword.
- Top = 700, Pants = 800 (total 1,500)

xixi-kun - August 2, 2007 04:32 PM (GMT)
and uhhh i forgot to mention earlier.
Maniquine Incorporated also sell wings. guessed its made of cotton.

also in tabora street divisoria.
stall in the streets.

- masquerades.
- wings (cheaper)
- feathers

yuki_bana - August 21, 2007 12:43 PM (GMT)
just an update^^


676 Carriedo St. Quiapo Manila

61-62 Arceda De Quiapo
Paterno St. Quiapo Metro Manila

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