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Title: Harper Isaacs
Description: what did you just say, punk?

Harper Isaacs - August 12, 2006 09:06 PM (GMT)
Your name: Lisa
Other characters you play: This is my very last character. Isabella Brennan, Corbin James, Ryan Isaacs, and Shiloh Isaacs
How to contact you: or my yahoo IM Reflection625

{Character Info}

Name: Harper Isaacs
Nickname: peter
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Ranking: Rebel




Harper likes to get into fights and start agruments. He's always been very good about his facts and has a very good memory. He treats people with respect when he thinks that they've earned it. He is all into music and pretty absorbed in politics. He can list off a lot of bad things about polotics, but ask him to name something good and he won't be able to tell you. Once his mind is set on something there's no going back. Once he's made a promise he tries his hardest to stick to it. Though like his brother Ryan he lies...A LOT. He's very easy to anger and very hard to calm down. He gets into trouble a lot for different things. He's very loud and out there. He'll say the most random things and most of the time they don't mean anything. He's very sarcastic and really playful. He likes to go to parties, or rather, crash them. When it comes to girls...sometimes he's an ass. But other times he's the perfect gentleman. He gets jelous really easily and tends to resort to violence rather than talk something through.


He grew up in L.A. with his family. He's always thought them a magor pain. His parents, however supportive, sometimes always wondered where they went wrong in raising their boy. As Harper was growing up he'd gotten transfered to different schools and had to go to therepy at the age of 12 for anger issues which he still has. Harper thinks his brother Shiloh is a wimp and that he's too good and that whenever they get into a fight Shiloh always winds up with cuts and bruises because Harper doesn't want to talk about things and let it go, that's for wusses. Ryan on the otherhand is okay. Sure he's no big bad ass but he's pretty cool and they usually don't talk too much, so it's all good. And then Graham is just another ten year old trying to find his way.

Other Info:

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Jack Reynolds - August 25, 2006 09:43 AM (GMT)
Accepted! Sorry took so long.

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